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Famous Actresses, Actors Speak For You!

I must confess to you, I'm glad to bring you interviews with some of your favorite (I hope!) movie stars, giving you In-Depth looks at the people who keep us staring at the screen. Let's share their feelings and thoughts with us. As you will soon realise, it is wonderful to hear them speak.


For Katie Holmes, Dawson's Creek was the big step. Unknown by people four years ago, today, she is one of the most coveted actress of her generation. At 23 years old (????!!), she is still simple and she has already costarred with Micheal Douglas and  Keanu Reeves in The Gift. She plays a student and is world-famous due to Dawson's Creek... Meeting.

Q: Joey is a teenager not always mature in her love choices. Is it a certain feature in common with you?
A: I feel really different from Joey. When I read the scripts of Dawson's Creek and I see Joey's behaviour with boys, sometimes, I think she is ridiculous. But, I don't have any difficulties understanding her problems. When I was at the High school, I had these same complicated stories with my first boyfriends. I think that all girls have some difficulties when they fall in love for the first time. It's a big step to pass. In the next year of Dawson's creek (fifth season), when Joey'll go at the university, her personality will change and it'll certainly like mine.

Q: In the fourth season of Dawson's creek, your love story with Pacey is stable. Do you sometimes have the feeling to live again your own love story (you with Joshua Jackson) ?
A: Not at all! (laugh) I'm dating Chris Klein and I'm really in love with him. Josh and me are still really good friends and there's no ambiguity with us. When we shoot kiss scenes, Josh always bite my lips, he trys to destabilize me... There's nothing romantic in that. Josh is a real clown and he always has me laughing. Our couple seems really realistic on screen, but I can assure you that nothing happens behind the cameras...

Q: Do you think that the subjects on Dawson's Creek have an influence on the teens behaviour?
A: Teenagers are absolutely able to manage their life without Dawson's Creek! The productors want to prove the opposite. At the beginning of the fourth season, WB spent a fortune in a publicity campaign. Big publicity of Joey with the text : "Her choice changes everything." I think it was exaggerated... when Joey chose Pacey, I don't think that her choice changed everything in the teenages's life! (laugh)

Q: In "The Gift", your new movie, there's a topless scene... it's a first...
A: Yes, it's the first time I accepted being topless in a movie. But in Teaching Mrs. Tingle I shot a love scene, a really hot one with Barry Watson... Anyway, it was very different than the little kisses in Dawson's Creek!

Q: You were always very modest. How people will interpret your decision to be topless?
A: I sincerely hope that people will understand my choice. Anyway, I'm not really anxious. If my parents accepted it, everyone in the world can accept it... (laugh) When I told my father that I'll be topless, he said: "You know, Katie, Walt Disney always does good movies too." Finally, when I explained to him the context of the movie he understood that it wasn't a gratuitous scene and it was for my character, it wasn't me. I hope that people will react in the same way.

Q: These days, many directors suggest roles to you. You are more popular. How do you manage it?
A: Personnaly, I'm really delighted but I don't search for celebrity. I don't do this career because I want to be recognized in the street. The popularity is nice but we need to stay modest, to be level-headed. For me, the success allows me to choose my roles with more liberty and to shoot with actors that I admire. These kind of things are more important to me than to have my picture on magazine's covers!

       THE END          


Jim Carrey's Split Personality
Comic genius, or dramatic actor? Depends on when you ask him.

Jim Carrey lights up a room when he walks into it. He exudes an air of goodwill and complicity--we're all in on the joke. Carrey is smart but not book smart, having not gone beyond the tenth grade in his native Canada. In fact, at one point early in his life, he and his family were living out of a car. He received his professional start in Toronto's comedy clubs and then moved to Los Angeles, where he did more of the same and then started appearing in small roles in such films as Peggy Sue Got Married and Earth Girls Are Easy. He first came to prominence on TV's In Living Color, playing the grotesque Fire Marshal Bill.

Then, in a conscious effort to let it all hang out, he appeared in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which helped usher in the scattershot, scatological comedies that are the rage these days. Though he's followed this with similarly high concept (and hugely successful) comedies, including a second Ace Ventura film (When Nature Calls), The Mask, Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, he's also cannily sought out more serious material: Peter Weir's The Truman Show and Milos Forman's Man on the Moon, in which he played comedian Andy Kaufman and his obnoxious alter ego, Tony Clifton. Carrey seems to specialize in split personalities, most recently in the Farrelly brothers' Me, Myself & Irene. Here he plays a state trooper whose schizophrenic selves, Charlie and Hank, both fall in love with Renee Zellweger (who is also his real life love interest).  
Question: If you could have an additional personality, what would that be?

Jim Carrey: I think it would be just this side of Jesus. It sounds like a play, doesn't it? Off Broadway, Just This Side of Jesus. Except for the forgiveness part.

Question: I can't help but think you feel a little schizophrenic at times, the movie star versus the real you.

Carrey: I understand the usefulness of it. Charlie is the MO of every man in my family, the guy who smiles. You can come up and give him some horrible left-hand compliment and he'll go, "Okay, I'm just happy to be living, good to be here." I'm not a schizophrenic. I do have those two separate sides, but they're not quite as far out. Now I just kind of say what's going on a little bit. It's much healthier that way.

Question: Were you channeling Clint Eastwood in Hank?

Carrey: He's a combination of those get-even guys.

Question: You got universal acclaim for Andy Kaufman and for The Truman Show. Why do you think the Academy ignored you?

Carrey: They're bastards! I honestly feel that I'm so gifted in my life that I swear to God I don't sweat those things. I think it would be ungrateful. I'm able, as a person who came from talking through his butt, to work with Peter Weir and Milos Forman in serious projects and somehow the public has allowed me to do that. I'm really lucky, and I know that. I also understand the Academy, their experience of me over five or six movies was a very crazy comedic persona. And in two dramatic films they're just not going to bend that far. It's going to take me a while. I'll have to accept it (the Oscar) from my seat by the time I get it. Or have to get somebody to go up there while I slobber on myself.

Question: What do you see as the future of film comedy?

Carrey: Me.

Question: Peter Farrelly said you were head over heels for Renee and you kept talking to him and saying, "But she doesn't like me!"

Carrey: God, he is the worst friend in the world. I swear to God. Yeah, we love him, but he's like the mouth of the century. Jesus Murphy, shut up, man, shut up! I will say that we had the most wonderful, old-fashioned, tremendously something-you-dream-about- happening-and-never -happens-anymore type of courtship and we're having a great time and I think she's one of the best actresses that I've ever seen in my life. She's just a great person. She is what she seems to be.

Question: Now that you've made it, what's been the biggest change in your life?

Carrey: Well, first of all, it was never about the money. It was about where you are when you get that money. My life is getting simpler, thanks to a lot of people who remind me that if you lose the menial things in life, you lose your pride and you lose some joy. I guess when I first got famous I bought into the idea that you should hire people to do everything because you can and I wanted to be Bruce Wayne or something. I just realized that I have got to wash my own cape.

      THE END